How to order business gifts

Order advertising souvenirs, promotional products, business gifts, advertising materials for conferences, advertising and promotional materials for company events and advertising textiles from On the J design site, you will find plenty of products suitable for corporate advertising.
JDesign's site has a tree structure that guides customers to the products they want
The main categories on the site are:
      - Printing technologies
Business gifts
      - Promotional textile
Branded collections
      - Notebooks
Promotional calendars

Each main category contains sub-categories, and some of the sub-categories also contain sub-sub-categories where you can see a wide assortment of products from the range that you want. For ease of searching, the sub-categories are arranged alphabetically. in Cyrillic
Choose the products which meet your requirements. Send a request for an offer to the e-mail of the sales department In the inquiry, please specify
      - article number ;
      - quantity;
      - color;
      - i
n what time do you want to receive the order ready?

We need this information when writing the offer because we are checking the current availability in the color you specified. In case the required quantity is not available, we will offer you a similar product.

It's important to specify the time frame in which you need to get the promotional products ready. The J design team is flexible to meet customer requirements and offers group delivery, individual delivery and express delivery. Prices depend on delivery time

Please specify for the products you wish to order from the offer
      - article number;
      - quantity;
      - color.

In what time do you want to receive the order ready?

Please, submit the company details.
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